Why I think the News Media is getting too gruesome.

I’m certain I share this opinion with many people in the UK and across the world: I did not need to see Gaddafi being filmed dragged through the streets until the final image of his deceased body was flashed onto our TV and computer screens.

Is there a limit to the amount of horror that I can expect to see on the evening news?
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Interviewing Charlotte Church

Away from this blog I also write for TheSprout, ( you can find my writing here) an online site for young people in Wales to show others their creative writing, poetry, news writing, etc. It was through Arielle, the editor, that I got the opportunity to interview Charlotte Church. The original article can be found here. It was a great opportunity and something I will always be grateful to TheSprout for! Charlotte was lovely as well!

Here’s the article and video:
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Welcome to the mind of ThérèseWD!

When it came to building a brand as a journalism student it wasn’t too difficult a task with a name like mine! With a mix of French, Irish and Welsh to create: Thérèse Bridget Wynn-Davies, I was pretty sure that there wasn’t another one of ‘me’ out there! So ‘theresewd’ was born!

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