Welcome to the mind of ThérèseWD!

When it came to building a brand as a journalism student it wasn’t too difficult a task with a name like mine! With a mix of French, Irish and Welsh to create: Thérèse Bridget Wynn-Davies, I was pretty sure that there wasn’t another one of ‘me’ out there! So ‘theresewd’ was born!

Creating a brand for ‘you’ is especially important in the ever growing realms of journalism, especially online. It is a way of getting yourself known, recognised and most importantly, hired! I am planning to achieve my ‘digital identity‘with this blog.

This new age of journalism is creating more and more ways of getting you and your work noticed and appreciated. Years ago, when there were plenty of jobs in smokey newsrooms it would have been possible to fill out an application to get employment and sit behind a desk.

These days journalism has totally turned on its head and it’s not just the 6 o’clock news or the newspapers that give people their daily dose of information. News is portable and it is everywhere. News has never been so in demand especially when it is so accessible with it being on peoples phones (when Blackberry hasn’t crashed), on their computers and all around them. I for one find most breaking news on Twitter, before it makes it to any official websites.

I want to be a part of this growing trend of reachable and fluent journalism, so here goes with my blog: theresewd.

From this blog I hope to:

  • Work harder on my journalism and getting my ‘brand’ recognised
  • Get my name at the top of a Google search
  • Find work experience
  • Find employment!

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