Interviewing Charlotte Church

Away from this blog I also write for TheSprout, ( you can find my writing here) an online site for young people in Wales to show others their creative writing, poetry, news writing, etc. It was through Arielle, the editor, that I got the opportunity to interview Charlotte Church. The original article can be found here. It was a great opportunity and something I will always be grateful to TheSprout for! Charlotte was lovely as well!

Here’s the article and video:

Many people know Charlotte Church for her incredible singing talent. Others know her for her chat show on TV or her familiar face around Cardiff, but not many know about her love of reading and literature.

Charlotte’s decision to get involved with the brand new Young People’s Laureate for Wales stemmed from her patriotism, her love of literature and her desire to make sure that young people read more.

She also says that young people are often more involved with creative writing than they think. Every time that someone updates their status on a social networking site is being creative. They are making their story sound exciting and interesting for the reader and that is what creative writing is about.

When the opportunity arose for me to interview Charlotte Church about her choice to become involved with Literature Wales and the Young People’s Laureate, I leapt at the chance and I knew it would be a great experience!

I wasn’t wrong! Although I was very nervous I tried not to let it show and Charlotte was very welcoming. Throughout the interview, her love of reading was very obvious. As a young mother she is passionate about her children feeling the same way about books and stories.

One of her favourite books growing up was The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay which was a surprising choice. Another was The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George when she admitted that she thought she was Cleopatra for a while! She finds it much more fulfilling to pick up a book and get stuck in than to watch a film.

Charlotte is convinced that her love of reading expanded her vocabulary and use of words, which in turn, helped her to become the successful singer and songwriter that she is today

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