Why I think the News Media is getting too gruesome.

I’m certain I share this opinion with many people in the UK and across the world: I did not need to see Gaddafi being filmed dragged through the streets until the final image of his deceased body was flashed onto our TV and computer screens.

Is there a limit to the amount of horror that I can expect to see on the evening news?

On Thursday 20th October, Muammar Gaddafi was rumoured to have been killed in Libya and reports were flooding the internet, unfortunately it did not take long for these rumours to be backed up by very vivid and explicit images. Gaddaffi appears to have his eyes slightly open, looking into the camera, vacant of life and blood all over him; a gunshot to the head. (I refuse to link to these images as I feel that it is not my place). Although it could be argued that these pictures were important to governments everywhere and more importantly the people of Libya I do not feel it was nessassary for the excessive use of images and videos.

We do live in a world where images are important. It is important for people to have seen those images, to confirm that the media and the world was telling the truth. I also believe there was a limit.

Clause 5 on the PCC (Press Complaints Commission) states that there should not be an “Intrusion into grief or shock” by journalists. I feel that this breaches that code. However as I am not directly involved I am considered a ‘third party’ and cannot make a complaint.

There have been many debates recently about protecting children online, most specifically against pornographic sites but there is nothing to stop them accessing an educational news website and subjecting them to images that should only be viewed in an 18 rated horror film.

It is not only Gaddaffi’s death that has shocked me recently. The unbelievable stories coming from Mexico recently highlight the dangers of the drug cartels that are roaming the city and social networking sites. A young woman was reportedly ‘decapitated’ after posting a negative statement about one of her posts. As horrific as many of these stories sound I did not expect to scroll down the story to witness a burnt corpse without a head.- There was no warning about such a horrendous image.

These people had been murdered in the most disgusting and derogatory way. Instead of respecting their memory they have instead been splashed over major news websites.

I am horrified that there seemed to be no hesitation about these images being so publically displayed, I am disgusted that they are still so readily available for anyone and I am appalled that there seems to be nothing that I can do about it.

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