The day before it begins… My ‘Athletic Body’ Journey

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m still trying to mentally prepare myself for the next 8 weeks of my life.

Tomorrow at 6AM (YES IN THE MORNING) I will start Tim’s Jasperfield’s Extreme Burntime. I have been informed that a six pack is inevitable.

So for the past two weeks I have been doing Jasperfield performance training that takes place 4 times a week on Adur Rec. I’ve lost 7lbs already and I have felt muscles I didn’t know were there. It also did this to my shoes:

This programme is another (several) step(s) up from Performance and involves training 6am-7am 5 times a week as well as the usual performance training.

Today we had a meeting at Tim’s house where we discussed our new diets and I am terrified! I’m sure it won’t take me long to adjust but the thoughts of working out fat, protein and carbs for the 6 meals I need a day… woah! I now own my very own protein shake a bottle. 

I have never been overweight but my University lifestyle has caught up with me leaving me 2 stone heavier (with a much larger chest and stomach).

I bet you’re thinking

“ohh noo, big boobs what a hard life!”

But they are actually very heavy and out of proportion on my 5ft 1 frame! This is exactly what I need and if I keep up this good mental attitude I might actually look like this in 8 weeks time:


*fingers crossed.* **pray for me!**

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