The first day of the ‘Athletic Body’ Challege

As you can tell by the time of this post, this is a very unnatural time to be awake, especially for me.

I was awake at 4am worried that my alarm(s) wouldn’t go off at 5. They did and my cardiovascular work started immediately! (gettit? boom boom)

Couldn’t get the contact lenses in without feeling like I had poured acid in my eyes so resorted to the good old heavy frames.

Ate a banana on the way and managed to melt some of it to my lap as I drove.

Still managed to be 5 minutes late and I have no idea how as there is literally nothing alive at that time in the morning.

We started with weights. Tim told us not to work too hard as we would be needed to beat our scores and keep up the stamina throughout the week. I’m the worst in the class. Well the worst out of 3 so that makes me 3rd place right? I can only get better. The weights were repeated again and then we moved onto the cardio stuff.

This is where I think I’m going to die… constantly.

Good old session with a skipping rope, jumping up steps and leaping over this spongy ball thing. I was shattered before we’d even started the run around the block.

I actually was feeling pretty proud of myself until the car ride back and I thought ‘SHIT’ I actually should have brought the inhaler. I’ve had a few puffs and I’m back to 100%. My bum feels a bit overworked though.

So now the workout bit is under my belt and I’ve successfully managed to wake up this morning now I will begin to panic about the food bit. Making sure I have the right amount of protein, fat and carb in my 6 meals!

While I type this I’m planning my breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, wholemeal bread and tomato… I need to do a few more calculations, drive my brother to the station and chill out before I cook anything!

Well that’s the first day done. I’ll keep you posted on the first signs of the six pack. Maybe one day I’ll look good without melted banana down me and big fat sexy glasses.

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