Keeping up the Kalories

I have to eat sooooo much food! (I’m not complaining) My breakfast makes me feel like this guy (from 2.29):

(minus the ‘every last inch of me is covered in hair’ bit!)

So for breakfast everyday I have 1 3gg, 3 egg whites, 2 slices of wholemeal bread and tomatoes and peppers. 

I then have a protein shake, 2 apples and almonds.

Then I have lunch, a tonne of chicken in a wholemeal sandwich and an apple.

Then the protein shake, 2 apples and almonds.

Then dinner. Last night it was fish, wild rice and green beans. Then a protein bar.

It’s pretty nice food, it’s just that there is soooooo much of it! When we were doing performance training in the evening I definitely felt stronger. Even when there was a storm over us I could still carry on powering through. It really shows how your diet can make all the difference. Before I would eat just to stop feeling hungry, now I’m eating for a purpose.

AND I bench pressed for the first time this morning. I thought I was going to die/drop the bar on my chest. (I didn’t- in case you were wondering/hoping!)

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