Why have I decided to get fit? Update: the 2nd week.

Apologies for the delay in blogging. I started a new job this week and the hours have been very tough on me, physically but more mentally!

Everyday I get up at 5, get to the workout for an hour, shower and get ready at Tim’s and then drive straight to work. (In case you were wondering I am a Trainee Car Sales Executive for Lifestyle SEAT! The dealership in Brighton hasn’t actually opened yet so I’m training at Lifestyle Ford in Horsham. Pop in if you’re local! But this isn’t what I’m blogging about here!)

I’m really enjoying my working experience but it has forced me to become super organised when designing my meals. Because I have to eat a lot and often this makes working a bit awkward and inconvenient but I’m managing! (I sneak into the office to back down some protein shake when no one is around!)

My Mum has been an unwavering support through this. The other morning she got up at 5am with me and made me all my food, including this BEAUTIFUL chicken and salad wholemeal muffin.

So… what have I actually been doing in these early morning starts?

Well it varies everyday but most of the time we do a warm up (either jogging or something equally mental like jumping or skipping) and move onto a weight routine. Each weight is worked on for 30 secs with a 45 secs rest. After about half an hour of weights we go outside to the harbour edge and do some crazy running!

I’m still the worst but I manage to beat myself  each time and I can already see impressive results in my body. (I’m saving the proper before and after shots until the end.)

This week I lost 5cm off my waist and my thighs are looking super toned, especially the part just above my knee.

A number of people have been asking me ‘why‘ I am doing this?

I am working this hard to see what needs to be done to get my body into a peak condition.

I am working to see what my body needs to become healthy and I am getting to know what my body is capable of. I am being pleasantly surprised. Once I have mentally overcome a challenge I feel that I can overpower anything.

Last week I used to dread the running half of our sessions, now I look forward to them. I have very mild asthma and I had previously managed to convince myself that running would result in a panic attack. This is complete rubbish and I am now capable of pushing past that mental boundary. I still have to work on it every time I run.

This morning I ran along here (in the dark and it’s very beautiful):

…for a solid 20 minutes.

I feel great!

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