Phase 2 begins. Endorphins and struggling with ‘days off’

So today, Wednesday, is my ‘off’ day.

When I say ‘off’ I mean I am grumpy, unsociable and tired.

I don’t have work and I don’t have exercise and no matter how much I sleep I constantly feel shattered. It’s exactly like people say,

“energy creates energy”

Also this keeps running around my head about endorphins:

It’s like I’m an addict to exercise and endorphins and God knows working with men all day I need as many endorphins as possible!

(On a side note, I am loving my job!)

I just struggle to keep motivated when I don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time and doing being instructed. I had a sports massage this evening and was told that I’ve put my right shoulder out.

I don’t particularly feel any pain but I know I have to focus more on my core strength especially when doing weights.

One thing that perked my mood today was buying some new protein shake. It was recommended to me and the views were great, check it out here.

This week my diet is turning even more protein based and I will keep you posted on my progress. God knows I couldn’t have done this programme without the constant support from my Mum. I came home the other day, exhausted, knowing I needed food. Opened the fridge and there was a mountain of chicken and fruit just sitting there! HEAVEN!

Since running this blog a number of people have got in contact saying how it’s motivated them to get back in shape. Keep me posted on how you’re doing especially during this rough weather!


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