Sprint Training is a BITCH

This week I have experienced ‘the wall’.

No this does not mean that I have found out how to brick-lay, I have found my mental and physical wall in the form of sprint training.

I have never felt anything like that moment when there is nothing left in your muscles any more! The first session was quite an amazing setting too. Shoreham beach, at half 6 in the morning on the board walk. Looking out to sea there was an enormous American styled thunderstorm, to the right Worthing was coming to life and to the left we could see Brighton Pier lighting up.

I’m quite a ‘quick’ person, I can do 40m in just under 8secs but when Tim changes the 40m sprints to 150m I just don’t know what happens to my legs! Incredible! I’ve nearly vomited a number of times!

This week I have also experienced extreme levels of exhaustion but this could also have been blamed on trying to eat enough and lot’s and lot’s to do with my new job.

I do have new protein that’s keeping me happy!

On the plus side I have noticed my body is really enjoying this! I’ve lost a fair amount of weight (5kgs) and my friends who have recently returned home have commented on my figure (mega chuffed!).

Last Christmas I couldn’t fit into my favourite Lipsy dress, this week I tried it on and could do it up with one hand. AMAZING feeling. 

My mental attitude towards this is fantastic, it’s just making sure my energy levels keep up. I’m half way and intending to push even harder for this final part. It’s far too rewarding!


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