Who should be responsible for educating people about food?

Whilst doing this body challenge the subject of food is a huge part of my life.

I am coming to terms with how little I know about nutrition- I’m still learning! But if it wasn’t for Tim and this course then I know I would still be doing all the wrong things and wondering why I wasn’t losing weight.

So many people think they are eating well but when we actually take a second to look at the label we can have a very horrifying moment realising we are very wrong.

Take sandwiches for example. I was very hungry and passing a Tescos so I thought I’d pick up a sandwich meal deal like so many people do everyday. When I started to read the nutritional information I was quite shocked. If I chose a BLT the situation started out quite well, the protein was nice and high, the carb was a bit over but I could get rid of some of the bread but by the time I got to the fat I was not happy. If I am allowed 13g of fat per meal (I’m currently eating 6 meals a day to keep up with my extreme levels of exercise), this sandwich has 22g. Nearly double and that’s not including the saturated, momounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat!

The other bad habit I have is not eating unless my belly starts to rumble. This is not ideal and so many people literally starve themselves to try to loose weight. This is starvation mode, your body will actually start storing the fat to survive and it’s not going to help you! Just eat and make sure it’s good for you!

So now I’m fully ranting about this I’m starting to wonder why I was never taught this basic information growing up. I have had the fortune of having a very healthy lifestyle and upbringing, something I am eternally grateful for but so many people don’t. How are they supposed to know or learn about nutrition? Why aren’t there classes on this is school?

I can’t stress how important this information is for everyone and it should be basic knowledge especially with the levels of obesity we’re currently seeing. People don’t understand and it’s not their fault.


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