Moving on after the Christmas ‘binge’

I have had a great Christmas. New house, new handbags, new books, new body. It’s been great, but I feel as though I celebrated a little too much.

It’s the season to be merry and I have taken that quite literally!

My argument is that I have worked very very hard to get this far and I deserve a bit of a break and i should relax.

As a result I lost 2lbs. Not a clue how, jumped on the scales yesterday to assess the damage of excessive socialising, drinking and eating and I was….. Rewarded.

This happened too:


I should be over the moon but I bought these shorts in America and I loved them. Now they look ridiculous. Oh well, another excuse to do more shopping!

Performance training starts again tomorrow and I’m so excited! Excited to start the new year as the new me.

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