An Update: On me

It’s been since Christmas time since I wrote on here… my only excuse is that I have been working very hard.

I’m now reaching the 9th month of my time in car sales for Lifestyle SEAT and I’m based in Brighton. 9 months sounds like a long time but I’m still learning.. slowly but surely.

I’ve continued on my fitness, albeit, a lot less intense than the extreme adventure that I was on. My most challenging aspect is making sure I eat enough. Anyone who has worked in a showroom will understand the time pressures and how reluctant most sales people are to leave for a break. I’m getting there!

in a boot

When anyone asks what degree I’ve done, most seem confused by my job and the relation it has to a 2.1 BA Journalism degree. It relates to it quite a huge amount. (My lecturers will be delighted to hear this!)

My degree gave me the confidence to walk up to people and ask them random topical questions to include in a Vox Pop. It gave me the confidence to be able to open any software and know that I can use it within a few minutes (Avid, Adobe, Final Cut, iMovie, etc).


It gave me a concious awareness of the internet world and the power of marketing. When I come across a business that isn’t taking advantage of social media I am compelled to change this. (I went to school with Connor Maynard who single handedly used YouTube to become an international pop star.)

This brings me on to my latest adventure: Choreography and Social Media Manager for Suzanne Logan Dance.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Either way I am determined to use every opportunity that comes my way. Being a graduate in this internet and social age has never been more exciting.

P.S. check out my LinkedIn page and connect with me!

graduate happy

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