Technology Cars: the future is here.

The google car. A car that can drive itself.

An android car. You can download apps in your car.

This is the future of our means of travel and it is important we embrace it.

I am a media geek. My colleagues call me the ‘media whore’. I enjoy reading up on these things, predictions about the cars of the future, the Open Automotive Alliance, the self driving cars, etc.

However in my place of work, I seem to be alone in my opinions of this. I conducted my own, unscientific, small scale survey to examine the opinion of these technologies.

I was greeted with frowns. Sighs. I found these two perspectives the most interesting:

‘I buy a car for it’s engine. Not what it can download.’

-A sales executive.

‘More problems for me to repair.’

-A technician.

I confronted the sales executive by questioning the reason why people have mobile phones. Surely it is to make phone calls and sometimes send a text message. He agreed. I then asked him why he owns the latest iPhone if that’s all he needs his phone for. Why doesn’t he have a Nokia 3310? He stopped talking to me after that.

The technician also has an iPhone 5s. So I raised this point with him. He agreed but then went on to say that he spends a huge majority of his time using his diagnostic machine to unravel computer faults with vehicles rather than engine problems: what he was trained to do. He raises the point that although we will continue to need mechanics, will we now need I.T specialists to repair these types of vehicles that are essentially giant computers?

Are we changing the dynamic of the workshop/the garage? Will there be people with suits and diagnostic machines rather than people in overalls covered in oil?

I’m keeping tabs on the progression of the automotive industry. It’s growing and developing and it’s very exciting to be involved.

(I know a Transformers clip may seem lose tangent but they are technically self-driving cars. God I love these films!)


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