How do you keep your customers?

So I’ve been going on about ‘customer retention’ a fair bit lately.

It makes up the first bit of my LinkedIn profile, so its fair to say it is important to me.

I work in customer service and I have also been the served customer. I know the type of experience that will ensure that I continue to use a brand.

It’s not down to clever marketing campaigns or even the product itself (although these do help enormously), it’s how I was made to feel.

Let’s use spray tans as an example.

Fairly cheap amenity and I wanted one for a wedding I’m attending this weekend. The end product is ok… but my right hand does have a sexy white patch when I move my thumb. Regardless, I know I will go back there again. Because I felt comfortable.

The other way to do good business is to think outside the box. What would mean something to that customer? A quick text to thank them for their business? A card for their daughters prom?


email message

It is my belief however that customers can only be looked after if the staff is.

My fascination with Richard Branson and Virgin is my example. Everyone that works for Virgin is proud to tell you that. They aren’t all earning millions but they have an incredible pride for their company. I know there is a lot of psychology behind this but it all comes down to rewarding your staff creates a good work ethic which is then reflected on the customer.

Simple. Right?

Oh and in case you were wondering… check out the resulting fake tan:


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