I think an electric car has made me a safer driver.

Bold statement from me there.leaf
7 years no claims, *swishes hair*.
I consider myself a safe driver. But fast. Some call it a ‘lead-foot.’ I like to try out the torque. Plus, I’m usually late.

Driving electric has changed this.

The dash clearly shows me when my range is depleting. The more torque I use, the more charge I need to use. I knew this was happening while I was driving my petrol/diesel cars but it never slowed me. So how has the Nissan Leaf managed to do this to me?

I have no idea. I appear to have become a conscientious driver. I don’t unnecessarily use the climate control, I put the eco-mode on so I can comfortably restrict my acceleration and sometimes I put the cruise control on slightly *under* the speed limit.

Maybe I’m, like, becoming mature…? I doubt it somehow. But this car has had quite a dramatic effect on me. I no longer find it essential to be alongside the aggressive Audi and BMW drivers in the outside lane.

Of course there is also impact its had on my wallet/over-sized purse. I have done some basic calculations based on my previous company car. Averaging about 45mpg (it 8ad72_Untitledwas a new car and I’ve told you about the lead foot problems) by using the electric car I am saving myself about £250 a month. Can’t argue with that.

My 60+ mile round a day is perfect for this, although if (when) my social life stretches me further it can be a little bit of a push on one charge. However, the better I drive, the further I go. -I feel as though I should copyright that phrase before a marketing guru nabs it!

My 7-day test drive offer is booked out for the next month. The interest in the electric field is on the up. I’ve found it’s pretty simple to sell a car you believe in. Also, I have a 100% success rate in every single person that has driven it saying they ‘enjoy the drive.’

First month as an Innovation Specialist done. Loving it. I’ve just found out there is at least one other girl now! We can swish our hair together*…
* I realise I am not in a L’Oreal advert, there’s no need to point it out!

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