Petrol or Diesel…. or Electric?

On Bonfire Night I took my colleague’s brand new Nissan Pulsar home for the evening.

In true salesman style there was hardly any diesel in it. So on my journey I stopped on Worthing seafront to refuel. While I stood, watching money being torn from my pocket, fireworks going mental over Worthing pier, shivering in the freezing temperatures (it was actually like 7°C but I was cold) it suddenly dawned on me that I haven’t put fuel in a car since August.

I bet you’re thinking, wow this girl is a genius. How does she get to and from work in a car with no fuel? Does she have a servant who fuels her car for her? (I did have this once but that’s another story.) But if you’re not thinking such generous things about me, I will explain:

I charge my car at work, at ASDA and at home. Yes, I contribute towards energy bills but other than that I essentially do a 80 mile round trip 6 days a week with minimal outgoings. On that basis, I am saving myself about £220 a month (if I was still driving my last demonstrator).


Very niiiiice.

Strangely though, the concept of an electric car still continues to complete baffle people. In a day and age where people can have instant video conversations across the world it seems incredulous that people are confused that I plug my car in. Like I plug my phone in.

One of my customers cleverly related it to phone technology. You charge your phone at home and work occasionally, right? What if I told you that now the only way you could charge your phone was if you went to a designated charging station where your phone was filled with a flammable supply of compressed fossils that will run out at some point. Bit weird.

You wouldn’t like it. It would be alien to you. The car is the same.

Over these winter months I have a plan. I will wake up at 6am, whilst lying in bed I will go on the App on my iPhone called ‘CarWings’. From my bed I will switch on my climate control which will defrost and warm up the interior of my car by the time I leave for work.


Now you tell me electric cars are weird. I’m going to be all warm and saving money. You’re the weird (and cold) one.


NB: I enjoyed the Pulsar- it was the Tekna specification so it had heated seats too. Toasty.

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