My car de-ices itself. Is my car smarter than me?

Today was our first really cold day of 2014 in the UK. -2, not that cold compared to some countries but cold enough to get British people talking (we love talking about the weather).

It was also cold enough to freeze stuff. Like the roads, your hands and your car windscreen.

When you’re running late for work, the most annoying thing is running outside and realising your car is frozen. I’m sure most people have had this, where you spend 15 minutes trying to scrap ice off- with a Boots Advantage card in my case- so you’re safe to drive.

But this is no longer a problem for me my friends. I have an electric car. What? I’ve mentioned that before? Not sorry!

These cars are superior. They’re dam clever. Plugged in my car last night to give it a top up charge. Then when I woke up this morning I activated the climate control. From an app. From my bed. (I could have set a timer for this but I wasn’t that organised.)

Went outside for work. The car next to mine was frozen solid. Mine was toasty and warm waiting for me. So dam happy!



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