The trick that the car industry is missing

Their customers don’t understand the technology in their cars.

I am no longer an Innovation Specialist at Nissan- I took up a fantastic opportunity to become the Marketing Manager for a 3-part company called The Preview Group. Including PVL UK-saving lives on the road with high visibility livery, Preview, a marketing agency and Art D’Signs, sign writers and vehicle wrappers.

But, this hasn’t actually stopped me being ‘a vehicle expert’ in my spare, voluntary time.

When I left Nissan, I added my LinkedIn details and personal email address on my ‘out of office’. This has led to a few customers and acquaintances getting in touch, usually to wish me luck but some are continuing to ask questions about their vehicles.

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“This is a man’s world.” Oh please shut up.

*Sorry for the angry title.*

I haven’t blogged for a little while. I know I need to do it more, it’s good for the soul.

I’m using it today to rant. Properly RANT.

The story starts a couple of weeks ago. I walked past the service department at work and a lady was shouting at a service advisor. I don’t know the situation or why she was shouting but I knew the reason. She was lashing out because she was scared of the situation she was in. Unfamiliar territory, most women I know will openly admit they will send their husbands, Dad’s, or any man in their life to deal with their car rather than go and sort it themselves. Why is that? They don’t do that with any other part of their lives.

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One year as an Innovation Specialist

I have been an “Innovation Specialist” for a whole year now. Pat on the back for me!

One year and ten days to be exact. I thought now would be a good time to review the year, go back through my diary and see how much my job, the industry, the infrastructure and I have changed.

As the cliché goes, it’s good to look back in order to see how far you’ve come….

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My car de-ices itself. Is my car smarter than me?

Today was our first really cold day of 2014 in the UK. -2, not that cold compared to some countries but cold enough to get British people talking (we love talking about the weather).

It was also cold enough to freeze stuff. Like the roads, your hands and your car windscreen.

When you’re running late for work, the most annoying thing is running outside and realising your car is frozen. I’m sure most people have had this, where you spend 15 minutes trying to scrap ice off- with a Boots Advantage card in my case- so you’re safe to drive.
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Technology Cars: the future is here.

The google car. A car that can drive itself.

An android car. You can download apps in your car.

This is the future of our means of travel and it is important we embrace it.

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Test Driving the Public. Be Safe at Work.

Every day I do test drives at work.

‘Bums on seats sell cars’ we get told. It does. But there is an element of risk involved whilst taking a person you don’t know, out in a car.

This is a list of the frequent sayings by people on a test drive:

“I couldn’t do your job.”

“How do you deal with really bad drivers?”

“This feels like a driving test”

“Don’t you get stressed being the passenger all the time?”

“Have you ever been stolen?”


Although I laughed at the last one it is something I think about every single day.

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An Update: On me

It’s been since Christmas time since I wrote on here… my only excuse is that I have been working very hard.

I’m now reaching the 9th month of my time in car sales for Lifestyle SEAT and I’m based in Brighton. 9 months sounds like a long time but I’m still learning.. slowly but surely.

I’ve continued on my fitness, albeit, a lot less intense than the extreme adventure that I was on. My most challenging aspect is making sure I eat enough. Anyone who has worked in a showroom will understand the time pressures and how reluctant most sales people are to leave for a break. I’m getting there!

in a boot

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Why EVERYONE should go to an American Summer Camp

As I started the biggest production of my life (so far), the third year dissertation, I suddenly got a bit worried. This wasn’t because of the amount of work I needed to do, I’m super organised so I knew I could handle it. It was the thought of what I would do when this was all over. Over and over again I had read graduate ‘horror stories’ of how everyone falls into this inevitable pit of unemployment desperately trying to scramble out.

I decided to start planning my life after graduation and what I would do with my life after university. This is when I found Camp Leaders: the chance to work all summer in a camp in America. Although the application process was more strenuous than applying for University there is no doubt that this was the best thing that I have ever done.

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Gary Speed: a lesson to be learnt.

This time last year, my friend Nick Ota took his life.

What makes the situation more painful is that no one knew about his suicidal thoughts, not even his university flatmates (whom he had been with the evening before) until he didn’t emerge from his room the next day.

It’s devastating to witness the destruction that suicide leaves behind.

With the suicide of Gary Speed announced this morning by the Football Association Wales, it is about time that men’s mental health becomes more openly discussed in our society. I had the personal honour of meeting Gary Speed, his family and close friends whilst waitressing at the Millennium Stadium at the Wales V England game in March. Continue reading “Gary Speed: a lesson to be learnt.”