Examples of work that I enjoy. From online, print and social media writing, producing and maintaining a video TV channel, setting a business up online to events management. 

Online Brand Profiling:

Michaela Stakim. Professional Dancer.michaela

Creating the online identity to aid the employment prospects of a professional dancer.
Increased SEO, YouTube Channel, Online Presence, Showreels of ability to send out to auditions.

More details available on request.


Setting up and maintaining blogs and social media:



Filming, editing and maintaining:


Events Management:935797_10151548674080208_1918600994_n

Alongside my Marketing Account Manager, Georgia Isted, we organised a first of its kind, Spanish styled event to launch a new vehicle in our Brighton showroom. With local restaurants and performers providing food, music and entertainment, we were also involved with the local press and Brighton and Hove Albion.




Media Teacher and Assistant, USA:

Over the summer of 2012 I was employed by Camp Chimney Corners for Girls in  Becket, MA. Alongside my Director, Jamie Bogert, we redesigned the camp newspaper which was produced twice per season by the girls we taught in our Journalism classes.

We also founded the first ever, camp news station: CCN (Chimney Corners News). An example of which can be viewed here.

We were also the camp photographers and general media production. Together we created the totally redesigned the Yearbook (this can be viewed on request) using Adobe Indesign.


To entertain and (embarrass) our colleges, we put together some ‘pre camp’ videos to put on Facebook so the children could meet their staff before they arrived at camp. These can be viewed here: Waterfront Girls, Ranch Girls, Arts Centre Girls, PC and Landsport Girls, ELC, Tripping Girls and Guy.

Whilst at camp we were also asked to help with the filming of the promotional video. We both had the pleasure of working alongside Dan Morita, an American freelance Journalist who taught us a great deal in a short time as well as sharing his experiences working at E!, MTV and CNN.



y Completed 10,000 word dissertation! : 

Has the Press Complaints Commission failed to fulfill its designed remit? In light of the News of the World scandal and the subsequent Leveson Inquiry, I conducted a 10,000 word qualitative and quantitative investigation into the performance of the PCC. (A copy is available on request- if you really really wanted to read it…)


Online Writing:

Print Production:

  • The Dance Magazine This PDF shows the 16 page tabloid sized Dance Magazine that I completed for my degree.
  • PDF of Ballet Magazine – This is a 4 page tabloid sized Ballet themed magazine.
  • PDF of Print Pages – These are stories accumulated around the University of Glamorgan and then made into 4 tabloid sized pages. This was created using Adobe Indesign and Photoshop.


  • I have experience in editing Radio bulletins on Adobe Audition.
    I have been a news and sports reader for our university news day simulations where news had to be produced quickly and professionally. It gave us an insight to the pressures that producers and presenters feel regularly.
  • In a group of three, I have produced an 8 minute Radio Documentary focusing on the topic subject of burglaries on student properties. For this we spoke to many professionals ranging from the police to criminologists. I am confident with recording devices such as Tascams to record interviews and vox pops.

TV reporting:

  • Wales V England, Pre Match Report Football
    – As a part of a TV project my partner and I used our contacts to gain press access to the Millennium Stadium and the Hilton Hotel to conduct a report on the upcoming football match. All editing was completed with Premier Pro.
  • Wales V Ireland, Rugby Report
    – Similar to the above story but this was focused on the up coming Rugby match in the Millennium Stadium.
  • Cyncoed- Patch Report
    –  As a part of a trio, we were assigned to an area to complete a profile of that part of Cardiff.